Why do I have a charge from Dateblaster AG on my credit card or bank account?

You are probably here because you found a charge from Dateblaster AG on your credit card or bank account statement and you are wondering where it came from.

Dateblaster AG is an online dating service provider, operating numerous different high class dating platforms. A charge from Dateblaster AG means you have signed up for one of our premium services.

Not certain which website this could be? The easiest way to find out on which of our websites the charge was made, is by submitting a customer service ticket.

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Who is dbter.ch ?

dbter.ch is a support page for Dateblaster AG. At Dateblaster AG we run an online dating service, helping you find the perfect match. We have appeared on your statement as someone has ordered our services using your details.

Still doesn't ring a bell?

For more information on the charge or on dbter.ch please contact our customer service by submitting a customer service request and we will promptly get back to you. Please provide us with as much details as possible so we can locate the charge on your card or bank account. Submit a customer service request